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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Danger Social Networking Apps for Kids !

Teenagers and underage children remain exposed to the social media vulnerabilities for long hours day after day. A recent study found that kids spend more than nine hours a day sticking to social networking sites. A family of social media apps does not just require your kids to convey their personal information to use these apps but also entice them to give up more and more with each passing day. Whatever they post on these sites is either being monitored by the social apps itself or the online predators. A number of cases have been reported worldwide of predators meeting children online, befriend them, and exploiting them in horrifying ways.

Social Media Danger

Dangerous Social Networking Apps for Kids 


Snapchat is a social networking application allowing users to send and share photos and videos applying filters and lenses to enhance the charm. The photos sharing app is widely being used for sexting and sending porn and inappropriate images because of its self-deletion feature. When you send a picture to someone, it automatically gets deleted 10 seconds after being viewed. However, it does not truly disappear from the internet and can be screen captured to get it stored and dispersed afterward. There are numerous websites that specifically post porn photos and screenshots stolen from the Snapchat, and one of its examples is Sanpper Party.

• Instagram

This second most popular social media app allows users to share photos applying filters to their images, creating collages, and employ a variety of enhancements. Though Instagram is recognized as a safer platform as compared to the other photo sharing apps, it hosts a lot of inappropriate and adult material. The app is rated 13+ but a vast majority of its users are underage because of poor age verification process.

• Tinder

Tinder is a leading dating, hookup and one-night-stand app that uses users’ geo location to introduce them to people in nearby areas. This 13+ rated app fails to provide the users with reliable age verification process and ways to confirm the authenticity of those they meet online. The app puts the kid users in dangers of cat fishing, cyber-bullying, and child predation. 

• Kik Messenger

Kik is an instant messaging application that goes beyond simple texting. It allows one-on-one and group chat with the users outside the phone contact list. The app is intended for 17+ but the absence of age verification makes it easier for anyone to sign up. The app is being used for dating and hookup and has been linked to cyber bullying, sexting, and catfishing.

• Vine

Vine is another most-liked social media app combining features of SnapChat, YouTube and messaging. This app allows users to create 6-second or shorter videos and upload them to the Vine websites. These videos range from the simple and harmless to exposing violence and pornography. Though the app is intended for 17+ users a majority of underage users are using Vine to download racy videos and find inappropriate content with simple keyword searches.    

• Conclusion - How to Monitor Your Kids

There are scores of other social networking apps affecting a majority of underage and young users in horrific ways. Do not allow your kids to use a social media application that you do not consider safe for them, or if your kid is using any of them the best option can be to monitor their use. You can take help from Social Media and instant messenger monitoring app such as TheOneSpy to keep tabs on the activities of your kids on social networking, dating, and instant messaging apps to protect them from the scoundrels in the digital world. 

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