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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog for Beginners

Do You Want to Sleep Overnight and When You Awake in the Morning, open your Laptop and See that you have earned $2,000+ Online.

Yes, it is possible when you read this complete blueprint "Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog for Beginners".

But the first question is what is "What is Blogging"? 

and the right answer is "Blogging is Platform to Express Your Opinion" thats really simple definition of blogging.

Starting a Blog

Step 1. Choose Your Expertise Feild

Blogging is for every people because we all have at least one quality and for your comfort, you can start blogging on any topics that you want.

So the first step is "Choose your expertise category" and start blogging on that.

For example, If you are expert in "Technology" then keep in mind that you have to start a Technology Blog.

Step 2. Choose Your Blogging Platform

Now, you have to choose your blogging platform, there are two best blogging platform, the first one is Blogger which is free and the Second one is Wordpress which is Paid.


If You Want to Create a Free Blog then you can start on blogger.com which is 100% free.

On Blogger you will get your website name as "yourwebsite.blogspot.com"

You will get something like subdomain but no problem you can always add a custom domain later.


Wordpress blogs are paid blogging platform, On wordpress you will get various plugins, widgets to beautify your blog.

On Wordpres you will get professional domain name as "yourwebsite.com" which is professional domain name.

Step 3. Blogger Vs Wordpress? Which is Best?

Features of Blogger

Start a Blog

• Premade and Custom Template
• Thousands of HTML/Javascript Widgets
• Advance Layout option
• Direct Adsense Widget
• Google Comment System
• Pre-build Stats Options
Subdomain (You Can Add Custom Domain Later)

Features of Wordpress

Start a Blog

• Advance Templates to Buy
• Thousands of Plugins to Beautify your Blog
Advance Layout System
Wordpress Comment System
• Advance PHP based Plugins
Blogging Made Easier
• Fast and Effective

Which is Best?

Clearly, both are best because both have some pros and cons, some people says that wordpress blogs are more professional but accrording to my point of view, both are the professional.

You can go for any blogging platform either blogger or wordpress, if you want to start at no cost then choose blogger, if you want to invest then choose wordpress.

How Simple is this?

I think you have chooses that you will start FREE or PAID, now let's move to another steps.

Step 4. Setup Your Blog

To Setup your Blog On Blogger

1. Go to blogger.com and click on Create a Blog, Now Signin with your Google account then select your blog name and blog URL.

2. After creating your blog, choose the best templates, make sure that the theme is effective and simple.

3. After setting up your theme, create a logo then done !!

4. Go to layout option, and upload your logo or leave the title.

5. Now, you can start posting on blogger platform.

To Setup your Blog on Wordpress

Now, this is very important to watch full tutorial to setup your blog on Wordpress.

Starting a Blog

1. To setup your blog on wordpress you need to purchase a domain and hosting where all the images and post are stored.

2. I prefer to Buy a Domain and Hosting from iPage because you can start at from just 1.99$/month.

Note: Choose Simple, Easy to Remember Domain Name

3. Now, after buying a domain name and hosting you can install Wordpress (watch the video below)

After, installing wordpress enter you created user id and password and login to your wordpress directly by going to yourwebsite.com/wp-admin

If you don't know how to setup wordpress with iPage then search on youtube "How to Install Wordpress On iPage"

Now, its done, how easy it was to setup wordpress on iPage hosting.

Congrats ! You Have Started a Blog !

Note: You have to make sure that you have uses our links to buy your hosting, this will give you discount


Now, you have learn what is blog, you have learn about what platforms are the best, you have also learn how to setup blogger and wordpress blogs.

So, this is the ultimate guide to Start you blog and this is for beginners.

We are covering all of the possible topics like Themes, SEO etc.

If you are facing any problem, then feel free to comment us, I always reply to my all comments.

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