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Friday, 6 October 2017

Five Apps That Will Surely Boost Your Productivity

“Productivity is less about what you do with your time. And more about how you run your mind.”- Robin Sharma 

Best Productivity App

No matter what kind of profession you have or what expertise you possess, being pressed for time is an inevitability. Some of you might be under the impression that to get things done; you require more hours in a day. The truth is, you do not need longer hours, but you do need to manage your time effectively. This is where your productivity comes in. Productivity is simply the result of proper time management and Regardless of what industry or business you are in; productivity is an integral aspect in the success of any of your endeavors. Unfortunately, our desks, as well as our computers, plays host to a myriad of distractions that staying on top of your work tasks and being productive can prove to be a challenge. Techniques and strategies can only take you so far and would be all for naught if you do not have the necessary tools to execute them.
Fortunately, much like anything else nowadays, there is an app for that. From productivity apps for salespeople to time management productivity apps, we have compiled a list that would ensure you stay on top of your work tasks:

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1. Accompany

One of the common gripes among entrepreneurs is the number of contacts they need to keep straight and attention to. With a myriad of meetings to attend, clients and partners all stored on their phones, it can be rather challenging to take note of who is who and what is what. All these are addressed in a single app called Accompany. The app sorts out your meetings for you by the doing the necessary research required to prepare you for these meetings. The app examines financial and biographical data on contacts and relevant companies which would save you precious time when it comes to preparing for meetings.

 2. Slack

Best Productivity App - Slack

One of the integral aspects that contribute to company success is communication—regardless of how big or small the company is. Slack is an app that facilitates communication in a user-friendly platform. Furthermore, it has multiple channels that would allow you to organize conversations. The app has built-in direct messaging, a video calling, file sharing, and archiving capabilities feature.

3. Rescue Time

If you are truly committed to being productive, then perhaps observing how you spend your time at work would give you a better idea of what you can improve on. RescueTime is an app that has both paid and free options, and it allows you to track how you spend your time.

Best Productivity App - Rescuetime

Each week, the app sends you a report as to how you spend your time on the Internet. Furthermore, it notes down the sites you visit and tracks down how long you stay on each website. RescueTime also allows you to set personal productivity goals and track it for you. Your progress can be easily seen on the dashboard in the weekly report, or the goals report section.

4. Camcard

Salespeople, in particular, would have a lot of potential clients handing in their business cards to them. Unfortunately, losing these cards can be incredibly frustrating on top of the infuriating realization that you just lost a potential client.

Best Productivity App - Camcard

CamCard is a business card app that addresses this dilemma by allowing users to snap contact information where it instantly reads it and saves it to the smartphone for easy access.

5. Evernote

Writing an article enumerating all the essential productivity apps would not be complete sans Evernote. Regardless of whether you are a working professional or a student, if you wish to be more productive, then Evernote is an app you should always have on your phone at all times.

Best Productivity App - Evernote

It is a core app, and by that, it means that you can use it as the central housing for productivity—in a sense that everything can be placed there and accessed by you. Evernote helps you stay organized by having features such as voice recorder reminders, to-do lists, note taking features and the like. With Evernote’s features, you can readily see what a productivity powerhouse it is. If you had to download just one productivity app, it should be Evernote.  

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