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Monday, 16 October 2017

How to to Get Backlinks to Your Site for Free

Do You Want to Get Backlinks for Your Blog. Today I'm going to show you How to get backlinks free.

Did you have just create your blog and want to superboost, or if you have a business then you must grow your business. Backlink is a key to rank on google. If you have quality backlinks then you will rank very high in the google.

If you are beginners to link building then I will show you each and every methods to build links. 

Get Backlinks for Free

New bloggers, new businesses or any people who want backlinks for their site are most welcome and by reading this post, you will build lot's of quality backlinks within less time.

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So, what are you waiting for let's get started to buid some links for you.

Stay With us till the End and I Will Show You a Secret Method to Build 55+ Backlniks Quickly. I Will Show You Secret Method at the end of this Post but let's get started to the simple methods.

Dofollow vs NoFollow Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks, one is do follow and another one is no follow backlinks. 

The main difference between do follow and no follow backlinks are - the search engine only consider dofollow backlinks.

Dofollow backlinks are more valuable and more considered.

Example of do follow backlinks

<a href="> Tipskitricks </a>

Example of nofollow backlinks

<a href="" rel="nofollow"> Tipskitricks</a>

As you can see above that with that single no follow attribute, google is going to ignore you and if you link in do follow then it will become considerable for google.

Now, let's go the point on "How to Build Do Follow Backlinks"

1. Get Backlinks through Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best way to get quality backlinks, but it is quite difficult because most of the comment system use nofollow link attribute.

Now, let's get to the tricks to find the blog for commenting.

Step 1. Go to and signin with your account or create a new account.

Step 2. After login you will see a search box, jus enter your keywords in the search bar, select category to "Comment Backlinks" and Select Footprint to "Commentluv Premium"

Get Backlinks for Free

Step 3.  Now Click on Search button

Get Backlinks for Free

Step 4. It Will Redirect you to Google and show all website that write about "make money online" or your keyword.

Get Backlinks for Free

Step 5. Go to thier site one by one and leave your comments with your website URl as shown in above.

Step 6. Now, Wait for Some Day for Comment to Be Approved (98% Comments Will be Approved).

Boom! You Have make a Backlinks with the Simplest and Fastest Method.

2. Methods to Build Backlinks through Relationship B/W Bloggers

Get Backlinks for Free

Relationship between blogger that means you have you have online friends and then can help you on every stage.

Go through your Niche and Find some bloggers of your category. Trying typing "Your Keywords" Blog on Google and find some blog related to your website.

Now, email them, make sure you email them with your professional email address like @[email protected] 

You can ask some question to them that "How are You", "Whats Going On" or You can Request them to write a post about specific topic.

This friendship can give you lot's of backlinks, you can tell them to share one of your post to their social media and you can also promote on of thier post to social media. This can give benift to both of you.

You Can also ask to write guest post for them.


3. Build Backlinks by Organizing a Giveaway

Nothing can beat a killer giveaway, you can hook your audience with a giveaway. With a giveaway you can boost your website views and many more things.

You can boost your likes, subscribers, you can use the free tool that is "" to to create a super giveaway.

You can giveaway some ebooks or paid software to your viewers. If possible you can giveaway some smart phones or electronic products.

When you organize giveaway through gleam then, gleam provides a refer system. So when your giveaway is running then people have choice to refer more people to earn points.

In this case, people start writing about you on their blog and you can earn the Valuable Giveaway.

This tecniques works, take a try!

4. Get Backlinks by Raking Bloggers Interview

Get Backlinks for Free

Interviewing blogger is one of the best approach to get backlinks. To interview any blogger, follow these steps.

Step 1. First find related blog to your category.

Step 2. Check thier Alexa rank that they are not so great or so low than you it must be with level with you. By checking alexa rank you can get a estimation of the status of the blog.

Step 3. Now you have find the blog, go to contact us page and then contact them with your professional email address ([email protected]).

You Can Copy the template Below

Hey Mark,

I Am (Your Name)

I Have found your Blog So Impressive and I have Seen a Very Good History Behind this Blog. It's Look like some Mystery Behind the Story.

I Know that all the Our Audience Will Love to See You on our Blog to Know More About Your Blog.

I Want to Orgnize a Quick Interview for you, if you are Ready then Reply Me.

(Your Name)

Step 4. When they Reply or agree simply take a killer interview with them.

5. Secret Method to Build High Quality Backlinks (It's FREE)

In this method we will build backlinks through fiverr, so let's get started.

Fiverr is Paid but the Seller "YoungCeaser" will give you the first order for Free and now We Can Build 50+ Backlinks for Free.

Let's Go Through Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1. Go to this GIG and then click on Contact Me.

Get Backlinks for Free

Step 2. Send this Message Below to the Seller!


I Have Just Seen that your First Order is Free.

Can You Please Create Backlinks for My Website with Keywords - "Your Keywords"


Your Name

Get Backlinks for Free

And Within 24 Hours, they Will Create 50+ High Quality Do Follow Backlinks.

Step 3. After that they Will give you the Login Credientals to See the Backlinks of Your website.

Get Backlinks for Free

Step 4. Login to See the Details of your Backlinks

Get Backlinks for Free

Yes, You Did It, you have successfully created 50+ dofollow backlinks.

Even More From Us..

I hope that you have liked this post, now you have some quick way to build backlinks and some strongest way to make backlinks but lot's of people doesn't know. I Request you to Share this Post on your Social Media to help more People Like You.

If You Like this Tricks then Comment for Sure! Also if You Have a Question then feel free to Ask.

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