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Thursday, 19 October 2017

How to Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Do you want to customize your facebook photo and want to fix at the right place where your want, well today I'm going to show you how to make facebook cover photo fit.

Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

As we know that facebook is one of the biggest platform online to grow your business. If you have facebook fan page and you don't have good or fitted facebook cover then your are likely to lose your sales. Yes, you may lose your sales and customer because you don't attract them.

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Why Do you Need to Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit?

You need to make your facebook cover photo fit because everyone wants quality and in today's the person who shows the person got sales.

You probably need a super high quality facebook cover photo to attarct with your customer and when your customer is attracted then you are likely to get more sales or website views.

The good facebook page also depends on how creative you are so I think, you need to make facebook cover photo fit.

How a Good Fitted Facebook Cover Can Increase your Sales and Website Views

Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit
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As I and you know that everyone want quality because quality is the king over quantity. Suppose there is good restaurant (A) which foods are wesome but the design is not good and on the other hand suppose a restaurant (B) which have Normal food taste but the design of the restaurant is awesome.

Which restaurant derive more sales A or B?

Well, the answer is so simple, Restaurant B derives more sales because it looks good and I have tell you that the if you got shown that you got sales.

So, same with the facebook cover, no matter how good is your website and products, the matter is quality of the page.

How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Now, let's comes to the topic that "how to make a cover photo fit". if you want to make a quality HD cover photos that fits on your facebook page then you need to follow the following steps.

We would make a quality facebook cover with

Step 1. Go to and login, if you didn't have an account then create it or you can also signin with your google account.

Step 2. After you've login then you will see the many popular designs, just click on more.

Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom and under "Social Media and Email Headers" click on Facebook Covers.

Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Step 4. Now, a New blank area is created for you to make facebook covers, there are many templates in the left side to choose from. Choose one templates or create one.

Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Step 5. Choose a templates, double click to edit the text and you can also upload your images in the upload tabs.

Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Step 6. Now, download your HD images that Fit on your Facebook Covers.

Done! How easy it is to make a Facebook Cover.

Special Tips to Make Facebook Cover Fit

1. Make sure you don't go out of the white space area

2. Leave at least little bit of space as a border

3. Rearrange it on facebook to make more fit

4. Double click to edit the text

5. Uploading your own images can be best choice to make attarctive facebook cover.

So, I thinks that you have learn "how to make facebook cover photo fit". So, tell me what do you thinks in the comments. 

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