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Friday, 6 October 2017

Top Highest Paying CPC Keywords 2018 (Get 50$+ CPC)

Do You Know You Can Boom your Google Adsense Earning with these High CPC Keywords. Today I'm going to tell you Top CPC Keywords of Google Adsense.

Also, I Will Show you "Highest CPC Keywords in India"

Google adsense is one of the popular way to monetize your blog, I think that most of the bloggers and youtubers use google adsense to increase their earning but some of blogger earning 0.1$ a day or 0.5$ a day even if they have thousand views daily.

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Google adsense is CPC based network and its pay everytime when anyone click on your implemented ads but some of ads have very low cpc, especially in India the CPC is very low so today, I'm going to give you highest paying CPC keywords.

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So, basically I will give you some keywords that have very high rates and if you use that keywords within your article then google fetch your article and display highly expensive ads.

Top Highest Paying CPC Keywords 2017

Below are all the keywords that have highest CPC, just use this keywords within the article and boost your earning.

1. Business Services
2. Insurance
3. Loans
4. Hosting (Highest CPC Keywords in India)
5. Degree
6. Donate
7. Lawyer
8. Software (Highest CPC Keywords in India)
6. Trading
7. Confrence Call
8. Treatment
9. Cash Services
10. Payday Loans

More Highest Paying Keywords..

11. Medical Coding Services
12. Plumber
13. Banking
14. Hair Transplant
15. Online Gambling
16. Medical Needs
17. Pest Controls 
18. Timeshare
19. Business Software
20. Recovery
21. Classes
22. Gas/Electricity

These keywords are not in order, just use this keywords and you will get good CPC.

This are the keywords which you can use within your article and you will get boost in your google adsense earning.

Now, I'm going to show you the super highest paying keywords that you can use and become rich but these keywords are very targeted so if you write about specific topic which is present below then only use it.

More Keywords that Have Highest CPC

1. San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney
Average CPC - $670 

2. Accident Attorney Riverside VA
Average CPC - $626 

3. Personal Injury Attorney Colorado
Average CPC - $553 

4. Top Personal Injury Attorney
Average CPC - $551

5. Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angles
Average CPC - $551 

6. Best Business Smartphone
Average CPC - $336

7. Water Damage Services
Average CPC - $310

8. How to get Cheaper Auto Insurance
Average CPC - $309

9. Water Damage Repair Service
Average CPC - $299

10. Mini MBA Programs Online
Average CPC - $269

Now, these keywords are highly payed but if you are tech blogger or any other blogger then you can't write about attorney. 

No, Problem you can sort some keywords according to your blog category and then start writing about them.

By this techniques you can surely increase your adsense CPC, I know many people earning $1000+/month with this techniques.

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