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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Why has Android Become the most Preferred App Development Platform?

The whole mobile app development community knows how there was the dominance of iOS in early days of smartphone app market. Apple as the sole player was running the marketplace with its own terms and conditions.

But things changed when Google introduced Android with giving much liberty to developers.

Why has Android Become the most Preferred App Development Platform

There are certain reasons that led Android to become the number one mobile OS over the world. Here are some of them: 

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Android is Open Source Platform

Android is an open source, touch screen operating system. Being open source means it is available to anyone whoever wants to use it.
This special feature of Android quickly attracted mobile makers who still didn’t have a great OS to power their devices. They instantly adopted it and tweaked its feature as per requirements. 
Also, the OS itself can be customized as per the specific requirements of operations.
Users too are happy with Android devices as they are not bounded to buy particular devices to experience smartphone mobility as happens in the case of iOS. They can buy an Android phone as per the available budget.

 Awesome Portability of Android

Android enjoys easy coding and easy learning language – Java. With its modern libraries along with the own libraries of Android, developers are able to design apps the way they want.
Also you can easily port your Android apps to a mobile and desktop OS such as BB, Sybian, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, and Windows Phone.
So if you are an Android developer, the OS Android indeed gives limitless opportunities to reach mass audience. Also, you do not need any specific OS to begin an Android app development project.

 Java as Highly Acceptable Language and Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java

We are aware of the popularity of the Java language. It’s a stable technology with the best of the features that allow developers to create desired functionalities for their apps. 
It is supported by almost all the computing platforms available today.
Because Android supports Java, there is no short of Android app developers all over the world. Likewise, those who have been coding for Android in Java, can now easily use code in Kotlin.  

 Android Studio

Now we have a dedicated IDE for Android app development. It’s called Android Studio. The latest stable version of Android Studio is 2.3.3. It has certainly outpaced any other IDEs available for Android app development. Here are some of the outstanding features of Android Studio:
  • Grade-based build system
  • Live WYSIWYG editor with real-time rendering
  • Options to preview on multiple screen configuration
  • Lint tools
  • Supports for Android Wear, TV, and Auto apps
  • Cloud service support

➡ Vast Audience

Number certainly makes a difference. Today, Android is used by more than 85 percent smartphone users all over the world.

Its ecosystem offers lucrative opportunities to developers. The wide spread of the platform helps ventures, startups quickly reach to mass audience.

These traits of make it clear that why Android has become one of the widely preferred platforms over the world. 

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