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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Proven Ways to Get More Traffic to your Blog (Case Study)

Do you want to get more traffic to your blog?

The Answer is Yes, Who Doesn't Want?

Today I'm going to show you a proven way to get more traffic to your blog.

I've promised that by end of this article you will be amazed & excited to get more visitors to your blog.

Remember, getting more visitors means getting more sales and getting more sales means getting more sales means more income and that's what you want exactly.

So, let's get started to grow your blog traffic, be reading this article to get a result in less than 15 days.

I've researched and found that there are millions of website on the internet but 71% of blogs are generating less than 5,000 views per month.

I think the most of the bloggers failed because they don't know exactly how to increase the traffic.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog

SEO Tips and Tricks-

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Here is the step-by-step blueprint to grow your blog and get more subscriber.

Step 1. Write a Pillar Content

Source -

Remember - The more text in your content, the more likely to rank in google.

Do you know that most of the blogger succeed followed the Pillar Content strategies?

Here is the Neil Tutorial on "How Pages Will Help your Search Engine Ranking"

Actually, Pillar content means super long articles. Google don't want quantity, it wants quality, you can write your blog once a week or twice a week but at the beginning "Pillar Content" is necessary especially for the new bloggers.

When a user searches something on google the google tries hard to show the best content as possible.

So, when you write a 5,000-word blog post then Google believes that your content is in-depth and rank up in the ranking.

Also, when you write a pillar content then you will naturally be going to enter the best long tail keywords and it will improve your traffic.

Step 2. Make Awesome Attractive Headlines

Get More Traffic
Source -

CTR (Click through rate), is one of the Google algorithms to rank for a keyword.

If you make attractive titles for your blog post then you will see that you will get higher ranking on Google.

Moz has conducted an experiment to prove this algorithm,

In past, Moz have announced their twitter, google plus, and facebook followers to search their "Keywords" and click on their site.

This experiment was conducted at 6:03 clock and at that time their ranking with the keyword is more than 6th.

But, at 9'0 clock they see that there article ranking #1 in Google.

So this proves that CTR is a Google algorithm.

But this is Black Hat SEO and just an experiment, you don't have to follow this.

But one thing you have to think that you should make your title more attractive, and if you did then you will get more clicks and your ranking will always high on Google.

Get More Traffic
Source -

Some Examples of Great Headlines

• 9 Blueprint to get Success in Blogging.
• 7 Tactics to Become a Successful Chef
• Weird but Effective Ways to Get More Traffic
• Simple Guide to Make Money Online.

Follow some below templates to write great headlines.

• How to (___________________)
• Simple Guide to (___________________)
• How to (___________________) Like a Boss
• # Ways to (___________________) 
• The Ultimate Guide to (___________________)
• How to (___________________) in Seconds

There are many more attractive headlines, just search "Attractive Headlines" on Google and you will get a ton of them.

This is all about Headlines,

Bonus Tips ➡ Include Bracket within your headlines like 4+ Ways to Make Money (Very Easy) and it is proven tips declared by HubSpot.


Step 3. Remember the Ranking Factors

Recently Brian Dean has collaborated with some companies to research 1 million google search result and they found very interesting data that will help to rank you even higher.

Make Super Short URL

Actually, we make a big mistake to set our permalinks/URL automatic and this is a very wrong approach.

The Wrong Optimized URL will look something like this -

Get More Traffic to your Blog
Source -

Don't do this, do something like stated below.

The SEO Optimized article will look something like this -

Include Images in your Content

You should include at least 1 images to your post,

The post with images will rank higher in the google according to the backlinko research.

Get More Traffic to your Blog
Source -
Also, articles with images will get a more social share.

Brian found that post with at least 1 images will rank flawlessly on google but be using lot's of images doesn't make the difference.

So, use at least of 1 images and you will get a Good Results.

Decrease your Bounce Rate to Increase Your Ranking

The bounce rate is also a factor, the lower the bounce rate is, the higher they are going to rank for.

Get More Traffic
Source -

To decrease your website bounce rate just follow this steps-

• Interlinks your Relevant content
• Show Related Post Widgets to your Blog
• Categories your Blog Post and Show them in the Sidebar.
• Create Call to Action Button in Every Blog Post.

Here is the Infographics by Hubspot which help you to dece your Bounce Rate.

And if you want to know more Google Search Factor click here to watch Brian Dean Blog which has listed all the Factors.

Step 4. Link the Resources

Get more Traffiic
Source -

Do you know why Wikipedia Rank higher?

The Answer is that their content is long and they have lots of resources.

This is the Proven tips that if you have more external link/resources then Google will trust you because Google thinks that you have given a proof of a source.

and that's exactly what Wikipedia does.

Resources give evidence and signal to search engine that your article is well researched.

All the Successful blogger will always give a Valuable resource to their content.

And, this doesn't mean you will give lot's of external links to your content to rank on Google.

You have to be honest and natural to give resources. 

To Know more about External links, click here to Read What MOZ Have Said about this.

Step 5. Build Backlinks (Skyscraper Techniques)

Source -

This technique was implemented by Brian Dean the, Founder of

Note - This technique is very effective and if will implement this Successfully then you will get views and more views.

What is Skyscraper Techniques?

Suppose, In this World, the World Largest Buildings Become Second Largest Because If Anyone Build Larger than that, and after that, your Majority of People Will See the Largest One.

Now, this will apply on online also,

Skyscraper techniques is a way to make the best content in your niche and rank it on the first page of Google because Google also wants "Best Quality Articles".

How to Implement "Skyscraper Techniques"?

Get More Traffic
Source -

Let's learn, how to implement skyscraper techniques to skyrocket your ranking in Google.

1. Search the Keyword you want to Rank for on Google.

Open 5-10 Google Search Results and Analyze.

2. Analyze that what they are missing and what you can do to make a better content than that People because you have to Build Skyscraper :).

3. Make better content that has been never created for that keywords.

If they have told about "10 ways to Boost your Sales",

then you have to write,

"101 Ways to Boost your Sales" to confirm that no one can create better content than you in the near future.

So, the Main task is to create content better than those bloggers.

4. Publish It, yeah!

No, your work is not over yet and the main part of this techniques will be applied now.

After publishing your post, go to, or, and track the backlinks of your Competitors.

Make a list of website that links to your competitors URL.

5. Open All the websites one-by-one, Find their email address that may present in their contact us page and send them a mail just something like this.

Hey (Name),

I was searching for some articles about [your topics] today and I came across this Page [URL].

I noticed that you linked one of my favorite articles [article title].

Just wanted to give you heads up that I created a similar. It's like [Name of your Created Articles] but more thorough and up to date [URL].

Might be Worth Mention on your Pages.

Either way, keep up the awesome work.

[Your Name]

This is the templates which Brian Dean mention, you will have to follow this templates.

Just send this to at least 100 people.

Now, after sending this emails at least to 100 people, if 10 of them linked to your then 10% Success rate which is Amazing.

Brian gets 17 links out of 160 and 100% success rate and suddenly the ranking gets top on the google.

If Brian dean can increase his traffic by 110% then you can also do the same.

Get More Traffic
Here is the Proof is given by Brian Dean to Show the Improvement of Traffic

By following this method people will get good results and this method will work for sure.

Even if you follow this simple skyscraper method then you will also see the improvement in your blog traffic.

That's sit.


Building traffic and getting more views is more strategies than creating a content.

Get More Traffic

Let's Revise,

Step 1. Write A Pillar Content

Step 2. Make Highly Attractive Headlines

Step 3. Follow Some Ranking Factors

Step 4. Link out the Resources

Step 5. Build Backlinks (Skyscraper Techniques)

You've successfully revised go ahead and follow this tips and tricks to boost your sales and income.

Remember the 2 Most Important Ranking Factors

1. Quality Content

No, one can stop you if you have this two things.

Especially if you have the best content for your keyword then you will rank for sure if not today, maybe in future but you will get ranked.

By following all methods stated above, you can not only double your traffic you can 10x your traffic.

Go ahead,

Help other people just by sharing this article with anyone in 5 Seconds.

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Also, Can You Tell me the more Ranking Factors of the Google and How Would You Rank your Websites?

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