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Sunday, 3 December 2017

How to Get a Lots of Views on Youtube Videos (New)

Today's Topics is "How to Get a Lots of Views on Youtube Videos", Stick to the End Because I'm Going to Share Secret Tips that your Competitors Doesn't Know About.

How to Get a Lots of Views on Youtube

After doing lot's of experiment and research, I will show you how you can rank your videos at the top of any keywords that you want.

If you keep doing what your competitors do then you will be going to lose the race.

Keep reading this article and I will show you how to rank your youtube videos to get lots of views.

If you ask any youtube experts or any youtubers that how do they rank their youtube videos then they will going to say that,

• Write your Keywords in Description

• Write many Relevant TAGS

Don't follow the above steps because your competition is already doing that to rank and it will be difficult to rank high.

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Let's discover the techniques which will crush your competition and boost your youtube videos to the top of the search results.

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So, here are the steps to get lots of views on youtube videos and to rank higher.

#1. Hook it, Rank It

Hooking means grabbing your audience in such ways that your viewers watch the whole videos and it must be done in first 15 seconds otherwise you will lose your audience.

To hook your viewers, we must divide the 15 seconds into 3 parts of 5-5-5 seconds.

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The first 5 seconds should be the focus on explaining what you will teach them in this videos.

The next 5 seconds is the focus to give them a proof that your techniques really work.

The next 5 seconds must be focused that your videos are 100% researched and proved to get results.

For eg., Your Video is About - How to Lose Weight? then you must say the following in the first 15 seconds.

In this Video, you are going to learn "How to lose Weights"? 98% people got the results and it is 100% proven. I've done the bunch of research and only give you the Handpicked Perfect Tips.

So, after saying this type of messages, you will be the champion of hooks.

Youtube also recommends hooking your viewers in the first 15 seconds.

#2 Longer Videos, Longer the Watch Time

It is 100% proved on youtube that the video which has longer watch time tends to rank higher than less watch timed video.

So, we have to focus on the watch time, if it will be longer than you will beat your competitors.

Suppose you create 2 minutes videos and a 5 minutes videos, now if 1 people watch your 50% of your 2 minutes videos and 50% of your 5 minutes videos than the watch time of your 2 minutes video is 1 minutes and your watch time of 5 minutes video is 2.5 minutes. 

So, if you create a longer video than you will always rank higher than your competitors.

#3 Youtube Can Hear Your Video, Take Advantages

There is lot's of the experiment on youtube and it is found that youtube can hear your video, so what I recommend to Speak your Keywords in the Starting of Video but do not Mix it Up, Speak Naturally.

After your videos starts remember that you must speak your keyword at least once. Here is the Example.

If You are Making your Video on "How to Make Money Online" then Your First 5 Seconds Must Be...

In this Video I'm Going to show you how to make money online. Keep Watching.

Keep following these steps in your video and you will see the results.

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#4 Increase Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is one of the youtube algorithm to increase any videos views. If you videos have goods likes then for sure you will get more views because youtube will promote your videos as suggested videos for users.

How to Increase Audience Engagement

Increasing audience engagement is pretty easy because you don't need to do anythings just create super quality videos that gives value to the users. If your video is not good then you will get either dislikes or people will leav your video.

Just follow this method to increase audience engagements.

• Make Quality Videos
• Add this Annotation in the best part of the video - "Enjoying this Video, Hit Like"
• Ask a Good Question to Start Discussion in Comments

If you do this, then your video will get viral soon. Try this techniques and soon you will get results that your audience is engaging with you.

Note - If you Audience Engage with You then you also must engage with them and reply more people as possible.

#5 Optimize Your Title of the Video

Always note that, you are writing the title for the people not for youtube seo enter the title which gives value. 

I've seen some people writing the title live this "Surprise - Live" but this is Wrong way and it will decrease your video.

Use Titles Which Have High CTR (Click Through Rate)

• Simple + "Your Keyword"

• How to + "Your Keyword"

• Top Ways to Do + "Your Keyword"

• Foolproof Ways + "Your Keyword
Some Tips

• Keep your title Short and Simple

• Make It Natural

Conclusion (Wrapping Up)

It's all about producing quality and generic content. Youtube don't want you to do SEO, youtube wants you to produce quality content.

If you get lots of views on youtube videos then make sure that you do video to video promotion, you can also add cards.

I Want to Make this Article Short and Easy So that Everyone can Read It in Less time and Understand Youtube Algorithm.

Let's Revise and Recap to "Get a Lots of Views on Youtube"

1. Hook it Rank It - You Have to Hook your Viewers so that they Can Watch your Full Video.

2. Longer Videos, Longer the Watch Time - As Youtube Algorithm, if your Videos is Longer then Your watch time will increase and your Ranking Grows Up.

3. Youtube Can Hear your Video - Make Sure to Speak your Target Keywords in the Video.

4. Increase Audience Engagement - Try getting more Likes and Comments so that Youtube Can Promote you in the Suggested Video

5. Optimize Your Title of the Video - Make Your Video's Title and Optimize so that More People Can Clicks On It. (Don't Fake)

So, this is All About Youtube, If You Want to Know About TAGS, Description and other Normal things then go and Search it because eveybody will told you about TAGS and Description.

Hope, you Like this Tips from Me. If this Article help then Give Your  Next 10 Seconds Sharing It.

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If You Have Any Topics in Mind then Comment it Down.

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