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Friday, 8 December 2017

Youtube vs Blogging? Which is Best for Making Money?

Youtube vs Blogging is one of the best questions that everyone asks but today I'm going to clear the doubts regarding this and I would recommend anyone of this.

From today, Your Confusion Will Be Clear?

First, Let me Explain Little About Youtube,

Youtube vs Blogging

What is Youtube?

According to Wikipedia,  Youtube is an American video sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California

The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim

So, this is What Wikipedia Says about it,

In Simple, Youtube is a Website that is Designed to Share Videos Around the Globe.

According to Digital Unite

On Youtube, every minute 35 hours of video is uploaded, so this is huge opportunity to earn lots of money.

Youtube for Money

Youtube is biggest video sharing websites in the world and youtube gives you the option to monetize your video by placing ads on your video and you will get paid every time when anyone clicks on your ads.

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You can also take sponsorship to earn a lot from youtube. It is Incredible and there is lots of earning the opportunity to earn from youtube.

You can also do affiliate marketing to increase your monthly income.

Earning Opportunity

• Google Adsense
• Sponsorship
• Affiliate Marketing

Let's Learn Something About Blogging

What is Blogging?

According to Wikipedia, A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

In Simple, Blog is a Platform to Share your Opinion with your Readers or Explain to them Something that you Knows and the Process to Write Blog Consistently is Called Blogging.

Blogging for Money?

Really, there is no limit to earning money from Blogging, you can earn more than you expect. 

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There is Lot's of ways to earn money from your blog, like placing google adsense ads. One thing is special in Blogging is the Ads are More Valuable and have High CPC.

Affiliate marketing also includes as a source of income in blogging, if you rank some of your reviewed products on the first page of google then chances are that you will get lot's of affiliate sales that means you will earn a commission.

Sponsorship rates are very high in blogging than you ever expect, this is one of the best ways that most bloggers earn.

Earning Opportunity

• Google Adsense
• Other Ads Network
• Affiliate Marketing
• Sponsorships
• Many More...

Comparing and Contrasting

Let's Compare and Contrast with help of Some Examples.

Q-1. What Happen If Adsense Disapproved?

A- On comparing it is found that if your adsense will get disapproved on youtube and you have less subscriber let's says 5K, then you will not get any sponsorship or you will not drive any affiliate sales.

B- On the Other Hand, if adsense got disapproved in blogging then there is lots of adsense alternative to choose from which make your earning stable.

Q.2. Which Have More Adsense CPC Rates Blogging or Youtube?

A- On Youtube CPC Rates are Little Low and Especially If you are in Asian Countries.

B- In Blogging, if you take .com domain then the traffic comes from all around the globe and CPC Rates are Maintained.

Q.3. Which Cost More Maintenance?

A- Youtube didn't Cost any Maintenance, Its Free Platform Provided by Google.

B- Blogging is Paid but if you Use which is powered by Blogger then it didn't cost any money.

Q.4. Which is more Profitable?

Blogging is More Profitable than Youtube, you will always get high CPC and you are in full control.

Q.5. What is Problem on Youtube?

On youtube, there are many problems like all subscribers didn't get notified about your videos but in blogging, you can send emails to your every subscriber.

There are many problems you will face on youtube but you can't on blogging.

Best Recommended Platform from Our Side

We always recommend both, Yes,

Big companies use both blogging and youtube because people are on every platform on the globe.

I've already written about "How Blogging and Youtube Can Make you $$$"

Your Choice - It's Upon You

You can choose which platform is more suitable, you can make a lot of money from both blogging and youtube.

If you love to interact with your audience and want to earn some money then choose Youtube.

Youtube vs Blogging

But, if you want to earn serious money then Blogging is best for you.

I've Found that if you got 10,000 views on youtube then you hardly get any money but if you get 10,000 views on blogging then you will earn a ton of money, really.

Blogging Difficulty Level - Hard

Youtube Difficulty Level - Medium

I want to finish with my thoughts that if you are willing to do anything then no one can stop you, go ahead...

I think you love this Clash about Youtube vs Blogging. Hope this helps you to choose your way.

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