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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Best Time to Post on Instagram (Get Extra Followers)

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to create millions of dollars of business but if you don't know when to post on Instagram then you will not get too much engagement and money.

Today, I will show you the Best Time to Post on Instagram and I will also give you the secret strategy to make money on Instagram.

Let's get started,

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Best Time to Post on Instagram! 

As we know that Instagram is great tools for marketing and for online business but if you didn't use it correctly then suppose to lose thousands of dollars.

I know many people who are making thousands of dollar on Instagram per day, if they can do then you can also achieve it.

Let's suppose you have 1 thousand followers on Instagram. Now, you publish a post on Instagram then what will happen.

You will start getting likes, comments, shares which is also called engagement.


My Question for you is "How Many Likes you will get per Post if you have 1,000 followers"?

Your answer may be 100 Likes, 200 Likes, 300 Likes but did you really get this much like?

Maybe and maybe not because it is fully depends on your audience.?

No, it depends on you because if you post when your audience sleeps then no one going to like it and if you post when your most audience is active on Instagram then you will get the maximum likes.

But the question is,

• How to Know Your Audience?

• How to Know Your Audience Locality?

• How to Know Your Audience Type?

The Answer is,

You Can Use which is an Instagram analytics tool which tells you about your audience type, locality and gives you data on everything you want to know about your Instagram account.

This is easy to use tool just signup and then connect your Instagram account, they will give you 14 days trial and that's sit, you are ready to check the best time to post on Instagram.

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First, log in to your iconosquare account >> Analytics >> Community and then scroll down to "Your Follower Section".

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Now, you will see the map on which the details of your follower's countries are provided. As you can see my 90% followers are from India so I know when the most people from India are active then I just publish a post on that time which helps me to boost my engagement rate.

Now, You have correctly seen your followers countries and locality.

It's time to think when your followers are active in your country.

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It is just an analytical game, you have to do experiments to check it.

Publish a post on Monday at evening time and note down the likes and comment, again post something on Tuesday at evening and note down the likes and comments.

This is an Example analytics

Monday - 15 Likes

Tuesday - 17 Likes
Wednesday - 27 Likes 
Thursday - 23 Likes
Friday - 25 Likes
Saturday - 21 Likes 
Sunday - 19 Likes

So you can make analytics like this and see which is best for you. You can also test the best time frames likes.

This is an Example Analytics

8-10 Am - 20 Likes

10 Am -12 Pm - 22 Likes
12-2 Pm - 31 Likes
2-4 Pm - 28 Likes
4-6 Pm - 30 Likes
6-8 Pm - 18 Likes

and you can try more time frames.

Choose what best result for you because for different people there are different results.

I'm going to tell you about best time and day to post on Instagram for Different Countries.

Now here is the research about the prime time to post on Instagram.

According to Latergramme, Wednesday is the Best Time and 5 Pm and 6 Am at Evening and early morning respectively are the Best Time Frame which gives the highest engagement. (All Hours are Listed in Eastern Standard Time)

You should suppose to post in the above time frame for best results.

I Also prefer to schedule your post if your follower is outside of your country. You can use tools like to schedule your Instagram posts for a specific country.

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Bonus Tips - Use Relevant Hashtags (#) to Reach More People

My recommendation is to Post on Wednesday at 5 Pm and Friday at 8 Am and you will get maximum exposure and more engagement.

Now, after getting your time, we have to make money from Instagram. If you have any products then you can promote the images on Instagram but if you don't have any products you can get Instagram sponsorship on

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Peak Hours for Social Media

According to Coshedule, 1-4 Pm is the peak hours of social media.

Worst Time to Post On Instagram

According to coshedule, on any social media, the worst time is weekends before 8 PM.

Now, its all about Making Money! Let's Quickly Clear Some FAQs

Question 1- How to Make Money On Instagram?

Answer - You can use online websites like Famebit to get sponsorship.

Question 2- Best Time to Post in the UK?

Answer - The Best Time to Post on Instagram in the UK is 5 PM and 2 AM.

Question 3- What is the Prime Time to Post on Instagram in USA?

Answer - The Best Prime Time for USA is 5 PM and 10 PM.

Question 4- Which is the Highest Engagement Day on Instagram?

Answer - According to, The Highest Engagement Day on Instagram is Wednesday.

Question 5- How Many Time Should you Post on Instagram?

Answer - Big Companies and marketers prefer to post 2 posts per 3 days.

Question 6- How do I Schedule a Post on Instagram?

Answer - You Can Use Agora Plus App to Schedule your Post on Instagram.

Question 7- What is the Maximum Number of Hashtags I Can Use Per Post?

Answer - You Can Use 30 Hashtags in 1 Posts.

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Conclusion (Wrapping Up)

There are lots and lots of strategies to boost your engagement rate and one of the trick is that what I've shown today, in this article we have learned that we should know our audience and then with the audience point of view, we have to publish a post.

Know your Audience >> Publish Post at 5 PM and 6 AM >> You Will Get Maximum Exposure.

Now if you have any products then you can promote at that time or if you want to make money from sponsorship then you can use famebit to get a sponsor for your blog.

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