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About Us


Hello and most welcome to all of you on my Blog Tipskitricks [TKT] .

God is given you brain that you can use it to make more sharp @AbhitUpadhayay

About Tipskitricks

Tipskitricks is a blog where you get stunning quick tips and tricks for your blog and life.

Here you get full knowledge about SEO and How to earn money online.Overall this is the blog that you really searching for.

Here you can find about -

Search engine optimization.

Earn money online.

Tips and Tricks of mobiles.

Computers Tips and Tricks.

Explained with real life examples 

About 30% about How to's 

About 40% of Tips and Tricks

About 5% of SEO

About 5% of others things for fun eg- giveaway

We are gaining  a very large amount of Traffic in very few times. In the comment section, we are growing our community day by day.

We have life chat System for quick answering the viewers.

About Abhit Upadhyay [Author and Founder]

Abhit Upadhayay have great blogging experiences which he shares on his blog 'Tipskitricks' which helps people to grow their own blog and he is getting result and feedback from the users.

Tipskitricks have many post which helps you on the way

Now, Our Blog completed about 120+ post in very few times and produces the heavy amount of traffic.

Now we have make some good plans for future so stay tuned for updates.


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