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Write For Us - Guest Posts

Hello and Welcome to Our Blog! I'm very happy to know that you want to write a blog post for us.

What to Write?

If you are thinking what to write then here are the few topics to write.

Any Tech Topics
Any Product Review
Internet Marketing
Ad Networks
Tips & Tricks Related to Technology
And Many More Related Topics..

Prohibited Content

Hacking and Cracking
Voilent Content
Alcohol or Tobacco related content
Weapon Related Content
Drugs Related Content
Any Other Illegal Content
The post not contain any malicious links or images
The Post should not contatin any promotion links (We would promote you )

Why To Write For Us

After Writing for Us, you will get famous in the world of Internet because your BIO will be attached to that post.
Your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter will also be attached to gain your followers.

Criteria For Applying

•You must be consistent that means you have to post at least 2 post per week
Your Post Must Be Relevant to our Blog
Your Post Must be Of 500+ Words
Your Post Must Be Have at Least 2 Images
•The First Image is the Thumbnail of the post so create that 500*400 thumbnail on the photoshop or in any editor. 

How To Apply

To Send a Guest Post, just go to MS Word and start writing a article with images and when it is completed, you can send attachment to [email protected] for approval process. Once your post get approved it will be live on tipskitricks.com.

You Can Also Get in Touch with us on Whatsapp → +13159496736

Bonus Writers

Our Blog Provides Various Type of Writers which has Level From BRONZE to DIAMOND. 

Bronze Level is For Those People Who Just Get Started and Submitted Some Articles to Us.

Silver Level Writers are Those Who Have Submitted Articles Consistently.

Gold Level Writers are Those Who Are Consistently Submitted Many Quality Articles to Us.

Diamond Level Writers are the most Valuable Writers which Have Full Access To Our Author Dashboard in which they write Articles Directly from Our Blog.
Diamond Levels are only for those People Who are Trusted and Consistent with some Valuable and Popular Artciles. This level are only for those people who writes unique evergreen articles.

All Levels have certain criteria, once you get started then slowly you will recieve this all badges.

*The Articles and Post are only Published if it match to our Terms and Conditions, if it match to our all TOS then you will Successfully Get Approval*